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Innovative Marketing to Moms May 1 - 4, 2011, Amelia Island, FL

Cracking the code on digital marketing to moms - the most influential consumer

Join iMedia's inaugural iMoms Summit focused entirely on digital marketing to moms May 1-4, Amelia Island Plantation, FL.

Combine moms' vast consumption and production of digital media with their control of the majority of consumer dollars spent, and you'll understand why brands large and small are scrambling to take advantage of the marketing opportunity moms present. But the 21st century mom is hard to reach, influence and win over. Today's mom consumes media on her terms and often on-the-go. And moms consume much less of it - Baby Center reports that motherhood cuts a woman's media time by 3 hours each day. She trusts her network of moms over any other source when she decides what to buy. And she is vocal. While there is no fiercer brand advocate than mom, a marketing misstep to her spreads like wildfire. Marketers have to build a relationship, earn her trust, and be authentic. That takes time and brands can't cut corners.

The iMoms Summit will dig deep into the right digital marketing to moms playbook. We'll explore how moms consume media now and on what platforms, how moms make purchase decisions, the brand attributes important to moms, and what moms want from the brands that need to connect with them - and will share best practices from the brands getting it right.

Attendee Benefits

  • Engage in a variety of uniquely designed collaborative sessions with marketers
  • Engage in organized deal-making sessions to introduce your company's services to a contingent of brand marketers
  • Enjoy a variety of meals, receptions, recreation and additional networking functions
  • Build long-lasting business relationships with potential customers during a variety of intimate, relaxed networking meal and reception functions

Note: iMedia Summits keeps tight control of the "buyer" to "seller" ratio to achieve an optimal relationship-building environment

  • 3 full days of peer-to-peer exchange (including a full-day marketers-only meeting)
  • High-caliber keynotes and speakers
  • Informative, collaborative breakout sessions
  • A variety of meals, receptions, recreation and other networking functions
  • Plus, complimentary 4-night stay at the stunning Villas of Amelia Island Plantation

Event Sponsors

iMedia Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last.

For more information, please contact:
Brian Urquhart, Director of Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]


Amelia Island Plantation
Amelia Island Plantation 6800 First Coast Highway
Amelia Island, FL

(888) 261-6161

Amelia Island Plantation is Florida's premier AAA-Four Diamond destination island resort in perfect harmony with nature. The 1350 acre resort overlooks the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west.