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From Agent to Ally: The Modern Agency's Survival Guide May 1 - 4, 2016, Lost Pines, Texas

The shift in "who manages what" is reshaping the marketing landscape, not only among brands and their agencies, but among creative and media agencies and agencies and their technology partners. Which agency models are keeping the biggest pieces of the spend pie? And which ones are gaining new importance? Join us to explore new ways agencies are earning brand trust in the areas of programmatic buying, marketing automation, targeting, analytics, creative campaign development, customer relationship management, and more.

iMedia ASPY Awards

Categories include: 

  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Industry Innovation
  • Best Data, Research or Analytics Solution
  • Best Programmatic Partner
  • Best Video Partner
  • Best Mobile Partner
  • Best Social Partner
  • Rising Star
  • Industry Luminary

The Aspen Group

Plus, qualified agency executives will be invited to join "The Aspen Group" - a private, peer-to-peer town hall designed by agency leaders for agency leaders dedicated to industry progression. It's a "no BS" forum that's not only a one-of-a-kind networking experience, but provides unprecedented access to industry leaders.

Topics covered will include:

  • Exploring agency models of the future.
  • The new world of content marketing: delivering the right content to the right consumer at the right time in the right place.
  • Crossing Borders: cross company collaboration both within holding companies and across territories.
  • How to adapt during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Finding a common vernacular internally between teams and externally from agency to client.
  • Refining your strategic direction: How to identify and capitalize on your company’s strengths. 
  • Making hubs/efficiencies work at scale.
  • How to find and retain talent.

Attendee Benefits

For a limited number of publishers/service providers, the iMedia Agency Summit offers an exclusive and intimate opportunity to have meaningful interaction with agency executives to help them address their digital marketing challenges and strategies. iMedia regulates the number of "seller" passes sold to ensure a rich buyer-to-seller ratio. In addition to collaboration with marketers during content sessions, iMedia has designed a program rich in both structured and unstructured networking opportunities.

Please be our guest. Space is limited so act now. This summit is FREE to qualified agency executives and offers:

  • 3 full days of peer-to-peer exchange (including full-day Aspen Group meeting)
  • Informative, insightful sessions & keynotes on the most timely and critical issues
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Participant materials
  • Meals and networking functions, including iMedia's exclusive one:one program
  • 4-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa

Featured Speakers

  • Julian Aldridge

    Julian Aldridge

    VP, Brand Evangelism and Activation

    Charles Schwab

  • David Berkowitz

    David Berkowitz


    Serial Marketer

  • Lily Chakrabarty

    Lily Chakrabarty


    Starcom Mediavest Group

  • Andy Frawley

    Andy Frawley



  • Alicia Hatch

    Alicia Hatch

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Deloitte Digital

  • Dave Knox

    Dave Knox

    Managing Director

    WPP Ventures

  • Roy Spence

    Roy Spence

    Chairman & Co-Founder


  • Shade Vaughn

    Shade Vaughn

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Agenda

    Saturday, April 30, 2016

    Cocktails & Dinner for Agency Executives (Location: Barons EFG)

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Breakfast for Agency Executives (Location: Barons D-G)

    Aspen Group Meeting (Location: Barons D-G)

    Lunch for Agency Executives (Location: Barons D-G)

    Aspen Group Meeting (Location: Barons D-G)

    Registration Desk Opens (Location: McDade’s Foyer)

    Sponsored Discussion (Location: Baron's A-C)

    Welcome Reception & Dinner (Location: LBJ Pavilion)

    Monday, May 2, 2016

    Breakfast & Sponsored Presentations for Agency Executives (Location: Baron’s A-D)

    iMedia Seller’s Crash Course & Breakfast (Location: Lost Pines 1-3)
    John Yearout, Global Chief Revenue Officer, Infolinks
    Mike Haberman, VP/Group Director, Digitas LBi

    Lounge (Location: Lost Pines Foyer)
    Brought to you by: Context Media Health

    Networking Break

    Opening Remarks from iMedia (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Jennifer Marlo, Content Director, iMedia Communications, Inc.

    CMO Power Panel: The Modern Agency (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    David Berkowitz, Principal, Serial Marketer
    Dave Knox, Managing Director, WPP Ventures
    Shade Vaughn, Chief Marketing Officer, SapientNitro
    Alicia Hatch, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Digital
    Moderated By: John Durham, CEO / Managing Partner, Catalyst SF

    Keynote: "Grace Meets Grit" (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Daina Middleton, Author, Participant Marketer, Igniting the Grace Meets Grit Movement

    Agency Survival in a Post-Trade Desk World (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Dustin Engel, Head of Analytics & Data Activation, PMG

    Raising The Crowd of Special Spectators (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Blake Rockwell, Founder, Special Spectators

    Group Discussion (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)

    Boxed Lunch (Location: Pecan Court)

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. (Location: Baron’s Ballroom)

    Recreation & Free Time

    Cocktail Reception (Location: Pool Deck)
    Brought to you by: Bazaar Voice

    Dinner (Location: LBJ Pavilion)
    Brought to you by: Buzztala

    After Dinner Reception: The 2nd Party - Data Worth Celebrating (Location: Pecan Court)
    Brought to you by: Owner IQ

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    IAB Breakfast @iMedia for all attendees: Native: The Aspiration vs. the Ad Format (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Susan Borst, Deputy Director, Mobile Center of Excellence, IAB

    Lounge (Location: Lost Pines Foyer)
    Brought to you by: Context Media Health

    Networking Break

    Welcome Back by iMedia (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Jennifer Marlo, Content Director, iMedia Communications, Inc.

    Keynote: The Power of Purpose in Business & Life (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Roy Spence, Chairman & Co-Founder, GSD&M

    Diving Into Mobile Marketing: What Are Your Intentions? (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Dan Brough, Head of Agency Business Development, Waze
    Jeff Malmad, NA Mobile Strategy and Life+, Mindshare
    Brought to you by: Waze

    The Advertising Industry’s Identity Crisis: Agency Models of the Future (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Andy Frawley, CEO, Epsilon

    Panel: Cross Device Targeting: Where We’re Headed Next (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Lily Chakrabarty, EVP, Starcom Mediavest Group
    Lori Goldberg, CEO, Silverlight Digital
    Omer Jilani, VP, Brand Partnerships, Barometric
    Ly Tran, Associate Partner, Digital Strategist, Proof Advertising
    Moderated By: Christian Arens, SVP, Client Development and Strategy, Coegi
    Brought to you by: Adtheorent

    Transition Break

    Master Tracks (Location: Lost Pines 1-3)

    A: Finding & Retaining Talent (Location: Lost Pines 1)
    Eugene Lee, EVP, Managing Director, CMI Media
    Lily Chakrabarty, EVP, Starcom Mediavest Group
    Moderated By: Chris Evans, VP of Media, R&R Partners

    B: Strategic Direction & Cross Company Collaboration (Location: Lost Pines 2)
    Brian Easter, Co-Founder, Nebo
    Woody Meachum, Group Director, Digital Strategy, OMD
    Kirsten Cutshall, President, Steel Branding
    Kabeer Mamnoon, Co-Founder & CEO, Ready State

    C: The New World of Content Marketing (Location: Lost Pines 3)
    George Potts, VP, Director of Social Media, Brunner
    Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer, Dieste Inc.
    Moderated By: Tom Edwards, Chief Digital Officer, Epsilon

    Transition Break

    The iMedia ASPY Awards & Lunch (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)

    Closing Keynote: How to Kill Fear (Location: Lost Pines 4-8)
    Julian Aldridge, VP, Brand Evangelism and Activation, Charles Schwab

    Transition Break

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. (Location: Baron’s Ballroom)

    Free Time

    Shuttles to Downtown (Location: Rainey Street)
    Brought to you by: Bazaar Voice

    Summit Ambassadors

    Event Sponsors

    • Adtheorent
    • Bionic Ads
    • Conversant
    • Factual
    • Netbase
    • Ninth Decimal
    • Teads.Tv
    • Waze
    • Bazaar Voice
    • Buzztala
    • Context Media Health
    • ebay advertising
    • Owner IQ
    • Resonate
    • Advertising Age
    • eMarketer
    • IAB

    Learn more about our 2016 iMedia Agency Summit sponsors here.

    iMedia Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last.

    For more information, please contact:
    Oscar Gardner, Sales Director
    [email protected]


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