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iMedia Agency Summit, May 2011 - Overview

Navigating Digital's Ever-Evolving Future

May 22-25, 2011
Bonita Springs, Florida

Agency Infinity: Best Practices of the Timeless Agency

Join the conversation and gain insight this May as senior agency executives and their publisher/vendor partners explore the power dynamics at play within the digital advertising environment between agencies, media properties, and the hundreds of services providers working to stake a claim somewhere in the middle.

The role of the agency is changing forever, and there are fewer defined roles, so you can't wear the same hat in 2011 as you did in 2004. Publishers are acting like agencies, agencies are acting like publishers, and brands are taking on the role of all three. It's no longer a black and white landscape. Strategic repositioning in the industry is making it a world of gray, and we must find the bright colors in order to stand out. Where do you and your company find leverage in this environment? How can you make your agency indispensible, transforming your client relationship from being a marketing partner to being a business partner? Don't miss this important agency gathering, where we will tackle these issues and more!

Mixing keynote and town hall discussion format, Dr. Earleywine will get the crowd thinking and talking about humor and its role in persuasion

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

Dr. Earleywine is a social scientist. His research and his new book called "Humor 101," address humor and its role in persuasion. How can this relate to advertising? What is the role of humor in bargaining, persuasion, education and creativity? Does simply placing an ad next to a funny cartoon increase liking for the ad and preference for the product? Does humor cause people to: rely more on gut feeling than rational argument? This could pay off very well with difficult messages that no one really wants to process. Ultimately, how can this help how we approach potential customers and convert them into paying customers? Dr. Earleywine will dive deeper into what the potential is and what mistakes to avoid.

As an Agency You'll Participate In

  • 3 full days of peer-to-peer exchange (including full-day agency-only meeting)
  • Informative, collaborative breakout sessions & dynamic keynotes
  • A variety of meals, receptions, recreation and other networking functions
  • Plus, complimentary 4-night stay at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs, FL

As a Publisher & Service Provider You Can

  • Have meaningful interaction with senior agency executives exploring their digital marketing challenges during a variety of uniquely designed collaborative sessions
  • Have an opportunity during organized deal-making sessions to introduce your company's services to a contingent of brand marketers
  • Spend time building long-lasting business relationships with potential customers during a variety of intimate, relaxed networking meal and reception functions, at which iMedia keeps tight control of the ratio of "buyer" to "seller" to achieve that relationship-building environment.

5 Reasons You Can't Miss This

  • Do Business: Create long term relationships with top buyers and sellers.
  • Build Your Knowledge: The brightest minds share what's next in digital.
  • Invite Only: Attendance is limited to senior Agency, Publisher and Technology leaders.
  • Collaborative Environment: Informal networking; no hard sales pitches.
  • No Distractions. Always held at luxury resorts; attendees don't compete with the office or city life.