iMedia Summit Chesapeake '04 Presentations
The following Powerpoint presentations were delivered at the iMedia Summit in May.

Industry Participant Breakfast: Redefining Inventory Management - Download(3MB)
Bowen Dwelle, Chairman, AdMonsters
Inventory management was among the first big challenges confronting online publishers and ad buyers. As a “problem,” it seems likely to outlive all who deal with it every day. That is, unless we redefine inventory management and get out of the old mindset that for every online problem there is a scientific solution. Bowen Dwelle, co-founded AdMonsters, offers a different idea about how to define inventory management so that it becomes a tool for sales and profit, not a bane to every publisher’s existence.

Keynote - Download (37MB)
Ian Beavis, EVP Mitsubishi
Ian Beavis, SVP of Marketing for Mitsubishi and former president of Foote, Cone & Belding - San Francisco and Seattle, will share his philosophies and perspectives on the benefits of media integration. Ian will share his point of view that web ads are a critical piece of the marketing puzzle, completing the communications program, not just complimenting it. Through investigation, testing, and enhancement, Ian and his team at Mitsubishi have refined their creative campaign supporting the Mitsubishi Galant to the highest possible levels. Ian will share the results of their campaign, as well as preview some new approaches.

The Twelve Essential Things That The FTC Expects Every Email Marketer To Know! - Download (32KB)
Presenters: Reed Freedman and Lewis Rose, Collier Shannon & Scott
Moderator: Alan H. Gerson, Executive VP, iMedia Communications, and former head of Regulatory Compliance & Practices at NBC.
Email marketing has become the new hot focus for government regulation of Interactive marketers. Congress has passed the CAN SPAM Act, authorized the FTC to institute new rules and regulations governing the conduct of Email marketing , and established harsh civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance. The cases and the regulations that affect Email marketers extend beyond CAN SPAM and include basic advertising and privacy law concepts . We have invited Reed Freeman and Lewis Rose, of Collier Shannon & Scott, two leading advertising and privacy law attorneys and partners at one of the premiere Washington D.C. law firms focusing on government regulation of Interactive advertising and marketing to make this special presentation at our Summit. They will tell you what every Interactive marketer absolutely needs to understand about the upcoming federal regulations, how to avoid legal liability through sound Email marketing compliance strategies, and how to stay current with this critical and evolving area of the Law. This is a breakout you won't want to miss!

Raising the Web’s Profile as an Ad medium - Download (4MB)
Dave Chase, Partner, Altus Alliance

Creative Showcase - Download (2.8MB)
Meridee Alter, SVP/Media Director, RPA and Patricia Clark, VP Sales, Moderated by Joseph Jaffe, Editor-at-Large, iMedia Communications

Going Beyond Daytime TV with Online - Download (143KB)
Marc Ryan, Senior Dir. Analysis, Nielsen//Netratings

Agenda-Setting for Breakout Sessions - Download (34KB)
Break Out Reports: Code of Conduct (33KB) | RFP (33KB) | Ts & Cs and Creative (34KB)
In advance of the Breakout Sessions, the Upstream Sellers Forum and the Aspen Group/Media Director's Summit agreed to mutually discuss the most important process issues that they would like to make progress on. At both meetings, the groups devoted time to framing these issues and suggesting remedies, process changes, etc. Doug Weaver who facilitated the Upstream Sellers Forum and Charles Loewenberg who facilitated the Aspen Group/Media Director's Summit will announce and frame the issues for when the audience breaks into Breakout Sessions, where each of the issues and the suggested solutions/process changes will be debated and discussed.

What I Learned at the iMedia Summit - Download (223KB)
Lee Watters, Executive Editor,

Agency (Summit) Feedback - Download (10KB)