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Board of Advisors

  • Paula Mitchell

    Paula Mitchell

    Chief Digital Officer

    General Pants Co.

  • Faye Ilhan

    Faye Ilhan

    GM Digital Hub

    Endeavour Drinks Group

  • Ananth Sarathy

    Ananth Sarathy

    General Manager Digital Experience

    Woolworths Limited

  • Ryan Wilson

    Ryan Wilson

    Head of Online

    Pacific Brands Underwear Group

  • David Huggett

    David Huggett

    Head of Digital [Customer] & eCommerce

    Carlton & United Breweries

  • Shahrooz Chowdhury

    Shahrooz Chowdhury

    Chief Digital Officer

    Guzman y Gomez

  • Sam Wadsworth

    Sam Wadsworth

    eCommerce Optimisation manager


  • Adam McWhinney

    Adam McWhinney

    Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

    Temple & Webster

  • Tyson Hackwood

    Tyson Hackwood

    Head of Asia Pacific


  • Richard Sossen

    Richard Sossen

    Managing Director Australasia


  • Ryf Quail

    Ryf Quail

    Managing Director, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ

  • Lisa Powell

    Lisa Powell

    Head of Retail Practice


  • Tora Brophy

    Tora Brophy

    eCommerce Manager ANZ


  • Chris Vincent

    Chris Vincent



  • Ben Franzi

    Ben Franzi

    General Manager, eCommerce and International

    Australia Post