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iMedia Brand Summit: New Zealand June 20 - 22, 2018

2018 Theme: Nothing's broke, but not everything's working.

iMedia Brand Summit provides an intimate environment for senior brand marketers to converge, debate and discuss the major strategic issues they face. This exclusive, invitation-only event is a closed forum for the sharpest minds in the industry to connect and discuss shared challenges, as well as network, build relationships and meet potential partners.

The 2018 summit program (published soon) is comprised of international and local keynotes, as well as interactive roundtables and breakout sessions, that have been created by senior brand marketers through an advisory board comprised of leaders from across the industry. Here's a taste of what to expect...

If  you are a technology solution provider or agency, you can attend as a networker by purchasing your tickets directly using the below button, or enquire through the below form to find out more or about becoming a sponsor.

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Attend the Summit



Up to 50 of the most influential marketing executives from New Zealand’s leading brands are invited to spend three days and two nights at this unique New Zealand Summit, as guest of iMedia. Our delegates comprise of:

  • CMOs, CIOs and CEOs
  • Heads of Digital
  • Directors of Digital


Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when we will start accepting invitation requests.

Featured Speakers

  • Brad Berens

    Brad Berens

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Center for the Digital Future

  • Bernard Powell

    Bernard Powell


    Premier Group

  • Julia Jack

    Julia Jack

    Chief Marketing Officer


  • Advisory Board

  • Jo Bye

    Jo Bye

    Head of Digital

    Trilogy International

  • Gareth Robertson

    Gareth Robertson

    Head of Marketing

    Reckitt Benckiser, Australia

  • Christina Mossaidis

    Christina Mossaidis

    Head of Marketing

    Loyalty NZ

  • Kelly Harvey

    Kelly Harvey

    Marketing Specialist


  • James Fleet

    James Fleet

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Jones Family Business

  • Sophie Rabe

    Sophie Rabe

    Marketing Lead


  • Simon Kenny

    Simon Kenny

    Head of Communications


  • Nadia Scott

    Nadia Scott

    Head of Marketing


  • Nick Boulstridge

    Nick Boulstridge

    Digital Media Director


  • Karren Harker

    Karren Harker

    Head of Marketing

    Chorus NZ Limited

  • Ryf Quail

    Ryf Quail

    Managing Director, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ

  • Rob Marston

    Rob Marston


    Zeus Unwired

  • Event Sponsors

    • Brightcove
    • 90 seconds
    • Paperkite
    • Mediaworks
    • Marketing Cube
    • Uprise Digital
    • Cyberbia
    • Marketsoft
    • Brightcove
    • Sparcmedia
    • 90 seconds
    • Adestra

    If you are a media agency, creative agency, digital agency, publisher or a technology platform / solution provider, you NEED to be at the iMedia Brand Summit NZ:

    Ready to get involved?

    Please email us.


    Hilton Lake Taupo
    Hilton Lake Taupo 80-100 Napier Rd, Hilltop, Taupo, New Zealand

    The conference starts on Wednesday 20 June at 1:00pm for the Brands-Only Lunch. Business Connect begins at 3:45pm which is compulsory for all attendees. Sponsors and networkers are required to arrive and register on or before 3:00pm in time for Business Connect. The conference finishes at 1:30pm on Friday 22 June.

    Hilton Lake Taupo
    80-100 Napier Rd, Hilltop
    Taupo, New Zealand, 3330
    t: 64 7-378 7080

    More Information