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Board of Advisors

  • Nicki Kenyon

    Nicki Kenyon

    General Manager, Consumer Markets

    Visit Victoria

  • Junna Massey

    Junna Massey

    Head of Digital Marketing


  • Janelle Munro

    Janelle Munro

    Head of Direct Marketing

    Big W

  • Benjamin Thompson

    Benjamin Thompson

    Head of Marketing Transformation

    Endeavour Drinks Group

  • Chris Noble

    Chris Noble

    General Manager

    World Nomads

  • Ken Kennedy

    Ken Kennedy

    Group Head of Digital ANZ

    True Alliance

  • Ant Dureau

    Ant Dureau

    Head of Digital Growth and Customer Experience


  • Brad Foenander

    Brad Foenander

    Head of E-Commerce


  • Nicole McInnes

    Nicole McInnes

    Chief Marketing Officer

    OVO Mobile

  • Shane Lenton

    Shane Lenton

    Chief Information Officer


  • Roger Slater

    Roger Slater

    Head of Digital & Segments - APAC


  • Amy Pugh

    Amy Pugh

    Digital Engagement & Media Manager Trans-Tasman


  • Sam Shennan

    Sam Shennan

    Managing Director


  • Jo Gaines

    Jo Gaines

    Area Vice President

    Salesforce DMP

  • Carolyn Breeze

    Carolyn Breeze

    Director - Braintree Country Manager, Australia


  • Mark Stanton

    Mark Stanton

    Vice President ANZ


  • Dylan Robinson

    Dylan Robinson

    Australia and New Zealand Country Manager


  • Wayne Krowitz

    Wayne Krowitz

    Group Marketing Manager, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ

  • Trish Patel

    Trish Patel

    Group Brand & Experience Manager

    iMedia ANZ

  • Ryf Quail

    Ryf Quail

    Managing Director, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ