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Venue and Travel

Conference times and venue

The conference starts on Monday 12th October at 11:30pm for the Brands-Only Lunch which is compulsory for brands. Business Connect begins at 3:00pm which is compulsory for all attendees. The conference finishes at 1:30pm on Wednesday 14th October.

Getting to the Hilton

The Hilton Lake Taupo is located 7km from Taupo airport. Please see the location map and directions to arrive at the Hilton: Here

Hotel bookings

Accommodation bookings for iMedia Brand Summit NZ, 12-14 October 2020 are handled and paid for by Comexposium and managed through our online registration process. When your registration is confirmed you will have the opportunity to book your accommodation for the duration of the conference and provide your credit card details. A hotel reservation will be made for you and guaranteed with your credit card. Your credit card will not be charged; it is requested so we can pre-registration you for a fuss free check-in experience on arrival and covers any incidentals outside of our scheduled meals/drinks.

Can I stay longer at a special rate?

If you would like to stay on at the hotel please contact Karen Jenkins, Conference & Events Coordinator, for the accommodation rate and availability.

To book additional nights:

Karen Jenkins
E: [email protected]


The Great Lake Taupo region is centrally located in the middle of the North Island, approximately 3 ½ hours drive from Auckland and 4 ½ hours drive from Wellington.

By Air - To be organised yourself

By Land - The scenic drive to Great Lake Taupo is worth considering if you are driving from Auckland. Click here for driving times and directions.

Hilton Parking Fees - $15 per day for secure self-parking. $35 per day for valet parking.


Please contact us or phone +61 (0) 2 8923 8300