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iMedia Online Retail Summit: South East Asia June 15 - 17, 2020

2020 ThemePartnerships: great alone, better together.

iMedia Online Retail Summit provides an intimate environment for senior online retail marketing executives to converge, debate and discuss the major strategic issues they face in online retail. This exclusive, invitation-only event is a closed forum for the sharpest minds in the industry to connect and discuss shared challenges, as well as network, build relationships and meet potential partners.

The 2020 summit program will be comprised of international and local keynotes, as well as interactive roundtables and breakout sessions, that have been created by senior e-commerce practitioners for senior e-commerce practitioners through an advisory board comprised of senior leaders from across the industry. Here's a taste of what to expect...

If  you are a technology solution provider or agency, you can attend as a networker by purchasing your tickets directly using the below button, or enquire through the below form to find out more or about becoming a sponsor.

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Up to 60 of the most influential online retailing executives from South East Asia's leading retailers are invited to spend three days at this unique Summit as a guest of iMedia. Our delegates comprise of:

Heads of E-commerce
Heads of Digital Marketing
Supply Chain & Logistics Directors
Senior IT Executives
Brand/Product Managers
Senior Marketing Executives

If the above describes your role, request an invitation to attend.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when we will start accepting invitation requests.

Featured Speakers

  • Drew Green

    Drew Green

    CEO, President, Director


  • Simon Kemp

    Simon Kemp

    Founder and CEO


  • Advisory Board

  • Simon Kemp

    Simon Kemp

    Founder and CEO


  • Gordon Nugent

    Gordon Nugent

    Regional Head of Online - Asia Pacific


  • Tyson Hackwood

    Tyson Hackwood

    Managing Consultant


  • Amit Mangwani

    Amit Mangwani

    Director of Retail & Channel Marketing

    Intel APJ

  • John Paul Chen

    John Paul Chen


    YEEFU by Saltycustoms

  • Melanie Cook

    Melanie Cook

    Managing Director, APAC

    Hyper Island

  • Elias Pour

    Elias Pour



  • Trish Patel

    Trish Patel

    Group Marketing Manager

    iMedia ANZ

  • Ryf Quail

    Ryf Quail

    Managing Director, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ

  • Event Sponsors

    • Brightcove
    • NMPI
    • YourFilm

    If you are a media agency, creative agency, digital agency, publisher or a technology platform / solution provider, you NEED to be at the iMedia Online Retail Summit SEA:

    Ready to get involved?

    Please email us.