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Board of Advisors

  • Brad Foenander

    Brad Foenander

    Head of E-Commerce


  • Caroline Swarbrick

    Caroline Swarbrick

    Chief Digital Officer


  • Wayne Baskin

    Wayne Baskin

    Chief Technology Officer


  • Ben Anderson

    Ben Anderson

    Head of E-Commerce

    Accent Group

  • Dean Salakas

    Dean Salakas

    Chief Party Dude

    The Party People

  • Jemima Miller

    Jemima Miller

    Global E-Commerce Manager

    Heritage Brands

  • Sam Shennan

    Sam Shennan

    Managing Director


  • Adam McWhinney

    Adam McWhinney

    Chief Experience Officer & Co-Founder

    Temple & Webster

  • Sarah Cunningham

    Sarah Cunningham

    Director, Sales - ANZ


  • Shane Lenton

    Shane Lenton

    Chief Information Officer


  • Lance Eerhard

    Lance Eerhard

    Head of eCommerce APAC South

    South ZX Ventures

  • Michel van Aalten

    Michel van Aalten

    Country Manager, ANZ


  • Shannon Ingrey

    Shannon Ingrey

    Vice President & General Manager, APAC


  • Paula Mitchell

    Paula Mitchell

    Chief Digital Officer

    General Pants Co.

  • Lisa Powell

    Lisa Powell

    Head of Retail Practice


  • Patrick Rechsteiner

    Patrick Rechsteiner

    General Manager E-Commerce

    Brand Collective

  • Julia Bucalina

    Julia Bucalina

    Head of E-Commerce Australia and New Zealand

    Under Armour

  • Francine Ereira

    Francine Ereira

    General Manager & Domain Lead


  • Helena Stylman

    Helena Stylman

    Group Sales Manager

    iMedia ANZ

  • Trish Patel

    Trish Patel

    Group Marketing Manager

    iMedia ANZ

  • Ryf Quail

    Ryf Quail

    Managing Director, ANZ

    iMedia ANZ