I’ve worn many hats over the course of my career, including digital media strategy, advertising technology, marketing technology and pre-sales solutions consulting. I have taken every opportunity to evolve my thinking from the narrow specialism of digital advertising, into digital marketing and most recently, data-driven customer experience. At Adobe, I am privileged to represent the world’s most advanced & innovative technology solutions as well as working alongside the most inspiring people in our industry.

So, what makes me get out of bed in the morning? My personal driver is the constant desire to learn and expand my field of knowledge. This is the very thing that has motivated me to pivot a number of times in my career and rise to the challenge of a new role or industry. I genuinely enjoy keeping up with the pace of technology and the change this demands from business.

Those who know me will tell you that I am obsessed with presentation - whether it’s the simplification of a technical concept, clarity of a technical architecture, coherence of a verbal statement or the visual impact of a PowerPoint slide. I believe that simplifying the technical concepts and articulating value with a creative touch makes all the difference. After all, nobody appreciates sitting through a poorly rehearsed, overly complex and ugly presentation do they?

Throughout the past 4 years at Adobe, my primary focus has been within pre-sales consulting for the Adobe Experience Cloud’s data-driven experience solutions. These solutions include Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign. I have developed a deep technical understanding of those solutions and use this knowledge to guide our enterprise customers through their customer experience strategy. My core areas of expertise are within marketing technology strategy, digital analytics & insights, data strategy & commercialisation, personalisation & CRO, advertising technology and programmatic media buying.

Speaker At:

Adobe: Breaking Down Channels to Be an Experience-Led Business

iMedia Brand Summit

iMedia Brand Summit: New Zealand