Prasad Shejale is a lover of ‘All things Digital’. For him digital is a huge universe where each marketing tool and platform plays its vital role in benefitting the client's need. And if you catch him in his break with a cup of chai he will let you in on his secret love for display and search marketing. His passion for digital marketing and a sense of understanding people makes him a unique entrepreneur who knows how to transfer an effective idea into a successful campaign.
An IIT Chennai Alumnus, his intuitiveness makes him a go-to for any solutions or converting ideas into reality. He Co-founded Logicserve Group in 2007 and grew it from a small team to a high performing result-oriented group. He spearheads Logicserve Digital, the Indian arm of Logicserve Group.

Speaker At:

Decoding Video

iMedia Brand Summit

iMedia Brand Summit Jaipur

Data Agility

iMedia Brand Summit

iMedia Brand Summit Goa, India