I have worked in software development for over 25 years on a wide variety of projects and technical platforms, both from a developer and architectural perspective. Throughout my entire career I have remained hands-on as a Solutions Architect, Software Engineer and Project Manager in a wide variety of domains including logistics/reverse logistics, telecom, higher education, manufacturing, insurance, professional services, e-commerce, media/entertainment, resource management, loyalty/rewards and public sector. 

I am quite passionate about using technology to solve business problems, including areas of business rules management, systems integration, enterprise service bus (ESB), SOA design and implementation, robust and highly-available application architecture. These technologies lend to a mobile-first strategy, which for any business must be a key priority going forward (e.g. development of iOS and Android apps for business and consumer-facing capabilities). Technical delivery of these types of initiatives lies at the core of what I do each day.

I am very keen to help people in my network with their requirements of any kind. My philosophy has always been of a 'pay-it-forward' basis and to this day I stand by it.

My goal is to build a massive and effective network of people that are willing to exchange ideas in an open and forward thinking way.

Contact me if you need anything - I tend to be quite resourceful.

Specialities: Enterprise and solution architecture, integration architecture, technical strategy, infrastructure design and implementation, web/desktop/mobile application development and delivery.

I also have a long history of experience and interest in the M2M (machine to machine) space and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Finally, I am passionate about improving customer experience for businesses in a variety of industries - ensuring that market-share and margins are protected in competitive climates.