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Art of Digital Story Telling? - Brands-Only session by Adobe

Wednesday 9 August | 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

The art of digital storytelling is all about telling stories using digital media. Digital tools empower us to bring a new and vibrant dimension to our stories and the ways in which audiences experience them. While the basic principles of storytelling remain unchanged, how to tell a good story has changed. Emerging technologies have created new opportunities for advertisers, brands, and platforms to engage and provide new contexts in which audiences, brands, and advertisers can interact. This cross flow is enabled by technology and how content is served digitally (via mobile, video, social, web, video games, connected TVs, social TV platforms, tablets, and film). And audiences have changed their content consumption patterns as well. What does this mean for the people who create these stories, for the people who watch them, and the advertisers who enable them?

speaking in this session:

Head of Marketing , Adobe


Director - Solution Consulting, India Adobe , Adobe