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Brands-Only Lunch

Monday 19 June | 1:00 PM - 2:45 PM | Oceano Restaurant

As part of the brand constituency, this initial lunch is designed to 'feed' a collaborative vibe from the onset of the summit.   

If content is king, then video is the crown. We all know that. 73% of marketers planned to increase their video content, and by 2020 video will account for 79% of all global internet traffic. But how do you use video effectively as part of your content marketing strategy to help your brand rise above the noise and ensure your video content delivers meaningful results?

In this session, learn from some of the leading and innovative brands about how video has helped them achieve amazing business results across the customer journey. Be inspired by how you can implement a video marketing strategy that can increase reach, leads and conversions to grow revenue.

speaking in this session:

Video Marketing Specialist, ANZ , Brightcove


Video Marketing Specialist, ANZ , Brightcove