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Keynote - What's (brand) love got to do with it? How the old age of marketing could create a new age of digital.

Tuesday 20 June | 8:40 AM - 9:15 AM | Maitai 1

Do Marketers need to be data scientists? Brands are dead. What’s your stack say? Do you retarget differently based on their interaction with the ad? Is the channel performance change significant to 95% probability?

These are some of the statements I have heard in the last 18 months of my 23 year career in marketing and advertising. In isolation there is nothing wrong with these statements – they show that there is rigour and data within marketing that was not really seen widely 10 years ago. But there is a cost associated with our near obsession with attribution and ROI and unfortunately consumers are paying it. That cost is our advertising is boring, and yes it may be time relevant or hyper-targeted BUT the creativity is gone and it has been replaced by automation and the promise of increased RR%.

This session will explore what’s been left behind as Marketing progresses, therefore if re-introduced properly it could create a new golden age for brands and customers.

speaking in this session:

Managing Director , eHarmony