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Opening Keynote: It's Still Just Shopping! Think Like Your Customers

Monday 30 April | 7:45 PM - 8:20 PM | Sheraton Ballroom

by 2023 Millennials will have the biggest share of wallet of any consumer group. More than ever before, this cohort wants to work with businesses that have high values as well as ethics that align with their own - Are we focusing on what they want and are we delivering?

Julie discusses her views on the future of retail and why channels can't exist going forward in order to win in a multichannel world. We need to think as one and align ourselves as retailers along deeper lines than just purhase. Julie discusses putting this into practice and setting up Flora & Fauna, a highly ethical and purpose-driven business that has become one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia, and all self funded!

Julie will also be talking through the joy and challenges of start up life for a ‘purpose-driven’ business and what the future might hold for Flora & Fauna.

speaking in this session:

CEO & Founder , Flora & Fauna