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Survival Guide for Retailers: how to survive the future retail landscape

Tuesday 1 May | 11:20 AM - 11:45 AM | Ballroom 5

The last year has seen many retailers, from local to large scale international players, fail in the Australian market.

With the enormous amount of change to the retail landscape from new entrants, new marketplaces and a vast array of new and upcoming technology, what are the strategies retailers should employ to not just survive the next period but stay ahead of the market?

Andrew Buxton CEO of eStar, Australasia’s leading eCommerce solutions provider, provides insight into how retailers should approach the medium term future based on real-world examples of some of the most successful approaches in the region.

Learn which new technology trends will have a direct impact on your business and how to employ them.

This session will arm you with the tools to create a successful digital strategy for your organisation.

speaking in this session:

Chief Executive , eStar