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Opening Keynote: The Cue Clothing Co’s Journey to Unified Commerce

Tuesday 1 May | 8:35 AM - 9:10 AM | Sheraton Ballroom

Today’s customer expectations are constantly changing, with customer experience becoming a key brand differentiator and brand evolution taking place quickly to avoid irrelevance. As retailers increase their selling channels to boost sales, the challenge of creating a consistently enjoyable experience becomes greater.

Enter Unified Commerce, an architectural approach that effectively and seamlessly engages customers across all channels and touchpoints.  Bypassing Omnichannel’s limitations of connecting different systems, Unified Commerce creates one common, centralised real-time platform that enables one version of truth across all channels.

Cue’s CIO and Head of Digital Shane Lenton will share insights into their journey to Unified Commerce. He will provide insight into how Cue are working to achieve success and meet customers ever changing needs and expectations in the constantly evolving retail world; how a single view of customer and inventory across all channels are essential components to achieve this and how they are capitalising on their footprint of stores to deliver endless isle; and how their buy anywhere, fill anywhere strategy is evolving and how it is just as much about people and process as it is about the technology.


speaking in this session:

Chief Information Officer , Cue