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Ultimate Paintball

Tuesday 1 May | 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Terraces Restaurant

Go paintballing and outsmart your opponents on the playing fields with names like Missile Base and Sniper Tower. Paintballing tests your wits and strategic combat abilities.

Your experience begins with a training session during which you’ll learn how to play and use the equipment. Following this, you'll be kitted out with camouflage overalls, a protective face mask and a semi-automatic paintball marker.

Be prepared for a game of strategy, challenge and excitement!

Dress Code
Wear sturdy footwear – joggers or boots with good ankle support are ideal. You provided with protective overalls and a full-face mask. You can bring gloves and a scarf for added protection.

SPECIAL NOTE: please bring along photo ID. www.skirmishgoldcoast.com.au

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