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Measuring Digital-How should Digital ROI be assessed?   

Friday 11 August | 1:20 PM - 1:50 PM

Measuring Digital-How should Digital ROI be assessed?    

With India internet users growing 28 % YOY, 355MM Users and #2 behind China, Digital advertising spends are growing rapidly. For a marketer, reaching the right consumer has always been the key to success of the marketing campaign. Today, given the unlimited choices of media options, a common ROI metric defines the success of a marketer. In this session, we will dive deeper to understand the strategies and goals that marketers put together to achieve the ultimate ROI goal.

speaking in this session:

Chief Executive Officer , DAN Performance Group


Vice President, India , comScore


Head – Media & Digital Marketing, India , Marico Ltd


Vice President, Digital , Aviva Life Insurance


Director, Marketing , Dell India