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Opening Keynote: Neanderthings and Permaverbs: Liquid Behavior and the Next World-Shattering Trends

Wednesday 20 June | 7:45 PM - 8:20 PM | The Terraces

Typewriters, Liquid Paper, fax machines, cassette players, landlines, MySpace, dial-up, paper calendars, flashlights, cameras… These are neanderthings: products and services gone extinct in favor of more efficient digital alternatives. But while the containers change, activities remain the same: our actions are permaverbs.

We still need to tap out words, just onto a screen. We still need to send instantaneous messages, but we do it via email and text rather than fax. We listen to more music and communicate with each other more than ever, but we do it with streaming services like Spotify and on our mobile phones. Even if Facebook vanishes, we’ll still connect with each other in social media environments, and so on. Behavior is liquid: it can pour into new containers.

Like the feature phone and the black and white TV set of yesteryear, the products we rely on today will in turn fade away. In today’s keynote address, Dr. Brad Berens will take the iMedia audience on a high-speed tour of the next wave of disruptive changes to our jobs, our brands and our lives. From the rise of the ubiquitous digital assistant to the fall of the smart phone, from the four-wheeled arrival of self-driving cars to the decline of Netflix, you’ll get a sneak peek at how a new series of changes will shake the foundations of branding, not to mention life as we know it. But it’s not all gloom and doom: inside never-ending change in the containers are enduring human needs and desires that brands can act on, optimizing not for reach or frequency but for something much more important: customer satisfaction.

speaking in this session:

Chief Strategy Officer , Center for the Digital Future