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Opening Keynote: Making Energy Wonderful – The Mercury Re-Brand Story

Thursday 21 June | 8:30 AM - 9:05 AM | The Terraces

Re- branding is not something that any organisation does (or should do) lightly. It’s usually a big investment, can create a significant internal distraction and carries a fair amount of external and internal risk. Bringing together two very different brands under one new mission, purpose and brand identity just multiplies those challenges.

So, when you manage to execute your re-brand and see immediate, positive results… well… it’s tempting to forget the painful bits…. And it’s even more tempting to feel like you’ve reached a destination when you’ve only just made it to the start line.

Transforming on this scale puts everything under the pressure test: your vision and strategy; your leaders; your organisation; your partnerships; and your combined capability to execute effectively. Absolutely everything was in play - a new company mission and values, a new brand architecture, a new visual identity and, of course, delivering an integrated external and internal launch campaign.

And more important than all of that is what happens next. What happens once your re-brand is “done”? Are you maintaining a brand vs building it? Are you branding or marketing? What does “embedding” a brand really mean?

Coming in as the new Chief Marketing Officer and going straight into a re-brand provided a unique opportunity to experience, in a very direct and immediate way, what wasn’t broken but what wasn’t necessarily working. At the summit, I’ll share what new lessons we learned, what familiar issues reared their heads again and, of course, the good bits too!


speaking in this session:

Chief Marketing Officer , Mercury