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Quickfire: The evolving State of Videos Marketing and the New Paradigm of Content Offshoring to India

Thursday 21 June | 9:50 AM - 10:00 AM | The Terraces

We all have heard media and people predict video will take over the internet by 2019. And the folks at TechCrunch have stated that video is being consumed by the droves - a billion hours’ worth of video per day on YouTube. But what are the emerging trends that would impact your video content marketing in the days to come.

In this session I would be covering the topics of not only the new technology of video production but topics like smarter spending and the new generation of higher value content. Since the companies that stay ahead of the curve today are focusing on personalization with videos tailored to behaviours and contextual creative, it is becomes imperative to have an agile and cost-effective video production partner who not only produces the video but also goes an extra mile to set its client apart as a unique brand. Having an experienced offshore partner where the spending can be allocated in a further smarter way has also caught up in the recent times and India has evolved from a technical offshoring destination to a content offshoring partner.

speaking in this session:

Director , Videos Ninja