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Voice Search – It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Thursday 21 June | 10:30 AM - 10:55 AM | The Library

Yakety-yak is replacing tappity-tap in the land of search. Digital assistants and smart speakers are already changing how we find information online.  Kiwis love online researching, and NZ marketers love targeting researchers – with 60% of nationwide digital media investment heaped onto paid search marketing. The arrival of voice search will transform search semantics, digital media investment and brand engagement.  

Brad will share with us:

Consumers: From onscreen text to voice search – what does the move mean for consumers? How differently will consumers engage with brands, products and services?

Marketers: How will voice search transform how we reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time? Search is a core channel for marketing products and services globally; will this channel slowly evolve or disappear?  Currently Amazon and Google do not advertise on voice search and have indicated they won’t, this places increasing pressure on organic search marketing to get into the top spots. In the US, voice already makes up 20% of all searches, estimated to grow beyond 50% in the next few years. What must are required to ensure we are in the top audio results?

Search Giants: What will happen to search engines? Has Google fallen victim to its own success, doomed to the innovators dilemma? Did Amazon force Google’s hand into the smart-speaker race for home dominance?  And did Google act at the cost of cannibalising its most profitable revenue stream?

Amazon Voice Skills and Google Voice Apps: Out of the box functionality of Smart speakers is impressive, however the real power for users comes from using 3rd party Skills and Apps. Is it worth the effort as a brand or is it still too bleeding edge?

speaking in this session:

General Manager , Search Republic