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Design for Automation - The Six Tenets of Designing Exceptional Customer Experiences

Thursday 21 June | 11:00 AM - 11:25 AM | The Terraces

In a world of increasing disconnection, brands need to be more inspiring and relevant with how they engage with their customers. Marketing campaigns need to be more sensitive to what consumers want, when they want it. This requires understanding and technical skill.

Design for automation enables you to optimise your design to deliver hyper-personalisation and tailored customer journeys at scale, and in alignment with your brand purpose. It enables you to deliver value to your prospects and customers through their respective buying and customer lifecycles, driving efficiencies and revenue.

To truly leverage the power of automation across your CX, your design needs to encompass:
    •    Marketing Strategy;
    •    Customer Insights;
    •    Customer Journey Mapping;
    •    Customer Experience Planning;
    •    Content Strategy; and
    •    Organisational Expectation Setting & Return on Investment.

In this session, we’ll walk through these six tenets of exceptional customer experience, and provide practical examples of how other brands have designed for automation from the outside-in.

speaking in this session:

Brand & Customer Experience Specialist , Marketing Cube