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Sushi Cook Off

Tuesday 13 February | 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

The Interactive Sushi and Sake Experience
2-3 Hour Event    
Tired of the same old meal program?  Then get ready for an extremely engaging cooking experience like none other! This is an interactive experience at its finest!  Teams will learn to master the art of making sushi and tasting sake. Learn about sushi and sake history and production while you sip a variety of premium sake flights. We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity.
As your guests arrive, we’ll whisk your group to their cooking stations. These cooking stations contain everything they need to prepare a sushi and a special sake cocktail!
When everyone is seated, our Professional Sushi Chef, will take the stage to welcome your guests and lead the cooking experience.  Our sushi chef will demonstrate how to choose sushi-grade fish, explain what tools you need to make sushi at home, share sushi-making tips and, best of all, you’ll make (and eat) your own sushi rolls! The Chef will demonstrate how to make basic rolls, discuss presentation styles/tips, and flavor combinations. The chef is guaranteed to not only make your guests laugh, but insure their sushi is as beautiful as they are delicious.
After the sushi lessons have completed, we will put the teams to the test and they will have to create their own sushi to pair with their sake cocktail! They will gather the supplies they need and shop in our “kitchen pantry” for their custom ingredients for their sushi and cocktail. Teams will be graded on execution, presentation, and taste---all judged by our Sushi Chef.
The lively celebration is sure to tickle your tastebuds and build long lasting relationships.  Relaxation, great food, recipes to take home, wonderful conversation and appreciation of a finely prepared sushi make this an unforgettable event that is sure to become a much-requested company tradition for future events. 

speaking in this session:

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