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Mind the Gap!: How are Cultural Shockwaves in Technology & Creativity Affecting the Consumer “Expectation Gap?”

Tuesday 13 February | 11:00 AM - 11:35 AM

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, creativity and technology are evolving consumer expectations in new and unexpected ways. No longer is identifying and speaking to customers’ existing and immediate needs enough. Customers’ experiences with new technologies and the resultant behavior changes are causing cultural shockwaves that are altering their expectations of brands: their marketing experiences, product/services as well as their value propositions. These shockwaves require companies step back to consider the entire ecosystem in which their customers live.

Ryder has been living this new reality for some time now, launching new products and reimagined offerings to form freight and logistics industry’s most comprehensive and flexible range of products and services. Ryder CMO and Chief Brand Strategy Officer at Sapient Razorfish will discuss how the brand is leveraging mobility to drive innovation with new products and create a deeper customer experience by bringing new, unexpected capabilities, and value to existing customers.

Call it what you will. The Expectation Gap, the Tesla Effect, the Uber Effect, and the Amazon Effect. It’s undeniably all around us. Over the next 10 years, commercial transportation and logistics will undergo one of the most radical and complete transformations experienced by any industry, ever. Join us to learn how Ryder will emerge a leader.

speaking in this session:

EVP & CMO , Ryder Systems