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Marketer-Only Meeting

Monday 12 February | 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Senior brand marketers shouldn't miss the Marketer-Only Meeting, a candid and intimate town hall working session that gets to the root of major challenges and provides a platform for ongoing peer-to-peer networking. Kicking off with lunch, this action-packed afternoon will leave you inspired, energized and ready to tackle the iMedia Brand Summit!

Topic 1: Content: Video content, i.e. real time video content, live-streaming, episodic
Startup highlight: A real-time motion targeting company, leveraging phone motion data capture using AI decoding to determine what people are doing.
Topic 2: Experiences & Emerging Tech: VR, Alexa, Personalization, IOT, Snapchat immersive lenses, Chatbots, self-driving cars. (Retail, hospitality, travel, auto, entertainment)


speaking in this session:

VP, Social Media & Content Strategy , MGM Resorts International


Co-Founder , Velocity