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How To Measure Influencer Marketing and How It Fits Into Your Marketing Plans

Wednesday 14 February | 10:35 AM - 10:50 AM

Influencer marketing is a hot button topic that's been on the top of mind of most marketers, consumers, and the media industry. This new generation of social media stars are creating endless amounts of inspiring and engaging content, but how do marketers work with them in a way that benefits their brand? Even larger than that, how does influencer marketing fit into your marketing plans—especially compared to other media like TV and digital video? The team at #paid took on this challenge and partnered with Nielsen Consumer Insights to explore how social media collaborations affect us differently than traditional video ads. Join us for this session as we take you through this research, show you the key findings, and explore different ways to measure the impact of your various brand marketing media channels.

speaking in this session:

VP Marketing & Creator Relations , Hashtag Paid Inc