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Quickfire: When customer expectation does not equal customer experience

Tuesday 1 May | 9:45 AM - 9:55 AM | Sheraton Ballroom

Imagine you could go back in time to the day they started the business you are in now.  Ask yourself, if you were starting this online business from scratch today, what 5 things would you do differently.

Online has for over 20 years been a very transactional based retail experience, with clients acquired and brands built relatively quickly and cheaply thanks to pricing advantage, social media, email, content and the online press juggernaut that has fuelled the online self promotion engine.

According to NAB’s Feb 2018 Online Retail Sales Index growth in online is slowing, it represented only 8% of total retail in 2017 -  and there are multiple forces at work to challenge what has gone before.

Being a co-founder of  a CPaaS  (Communications Platform as a Service ) Software company, my brief 10 minute presentation will discuss current CX challenges in the context of  looking past immediate transaction based communications and building  client communications experiences  that achieve multiple  benefits in both short, near and long term  focusing on personalisation, empathy and loyalty.

The bigger the gap between customer expectations and actual customer experience (CX)  the more difficult it is for an organisation to engage and sustain  customer relationships.

My aim in this presentation is to provide  strategies that you can implement the day you get back to the office that will  deliver both immediate ROI and set you on a new course toward improved 1:1 engaging communications that meet or exceed your customers rapidly developing and constantly changing expectations.


speaking in this session:

Managing Director , MobileDigital