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How to Get Famous without the Britney Breakdown

Wednesday 2 May | 11:35 AM - 12:00 PM | Ballroom 6

Achieving game-changing growth is only half the battle. Without scaling your operations, processes and team to support this, growth can truly derail your business.

Together with St Frock - one of Australia’s fastest growing online fashion retailers - Shippit and MindArc will be speaking on how retailers can get famous without the Britney Breakdown. As you know Britney Spears spent 9 years in the public spotlight before having her infamous breakdown. During the session, we’ll dive into what went wrong, how this relates to eCommerce and the lessons that can be learnt by retailers.

Through sharing the St. Frock story, we’ll be exploring how St. Frock scaled through scary growth without having the Britney Breakdown. Find out how St. Frock has achieved exponential growth, the core challenges experienced as a result, and how they’ve scaled their business to sustain 100% year on year growth. 

speaking in this session:

Co-Founder / Co-CEO , Shippit


General Manager , MindArc