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Cronulla Sharks: The emotional power play

Tuesday 1 May | 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM | Sheraton Ballroom

Earning a place in the NRL finals isn’t just about the team on the ground. It’s about winning the hearts and minds of fans, be that in the grandstand, retail or community.

How Cronulla Sharks have created such a consistent loyal fan base is a true dedication to exceptional customer experiences.

Scott Maxworthy, Head of Digital for Cronulla Sharks, explains how the Sharks have increased membership revenue by 36% and achieved a 91% retention by operating in real-time and using actionable insights to create richer, more personalised experiences.

This has been achieved through Cronulla Sharks successfully stitching together the single ‘customer’ view from integrated data at every touchpoint. Scott, understood that their first party data is their biggest asset.

Once practices were put into place, it generated a year’s worth of merchandise sales revenue in just two weeks!

Scott will share the Sharks digital transformation journey from initial pain-points to now. Focusing on how data is captured in real time to enable a comprehensive marketing campaign roadmap. This is the cornerstone of how the Shark will continue to drive their data-driven digital marketing. Winning another Premiership would help too!

speaking in this session:

Head of Digital , Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Football Club