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Good Business or Just Good for Business?

Thursday 21 June | 11:30 AM - 11:55 AM | The Library

Increasingly conscious consumers and employees are forcing businesses to reevaluate their philanthropic missions and redesign their purpose. What was traditionally seen as an obstacle to innovation and growth, now represents a huge opportunity. It’s hopefully not broken for many Kiwi organisations, but there’s definitely a lot more work to do.

Marijke, MD of Marketing Cube NZ, is also Founder and Director of Dara Children’s Trust. Established in 2010, Dara Children’s Trust supports poverty-stricken communities in Cambodia, delivering practical projects that provide long-term, sustainable solutions in education, family support and income generation.

Marijke will outline the drivers behind the growth of ethical and social enterprises and provide examples of how Marketers can leverage these trends to bring more value and engagement to your customer experiences.

speaking in this session:

Founder & Director , Dara Children's Trust