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India AND Bharat- Strategies for non-linear growth by overcoming the urban rural divide

Thursday 30 August | 10:45 AM - 11:25 AM

All brands are facing saturation at some level in urban markets and maintaining an exponential growth curve is sometimes tough. This session aims to discuss some strategies for non-linear growth specially by targeting newer markets, which may be sometimes media dark, mobile only, new internet adopters riding the “cheap data” wave etc. How can brands leverage these categories to overcome the saturation of urban markets, and achieve exponential growth curves.

speaking in this session:

Head – Media & Digital Marketing, India , Marico Ltd


Ex Regional Head of Media and Digital , RECKITT BENCKISER


Head of Marketing , Videocon d2h


CGM Media & Head Marketing , Patanjali


Head, Marketing & Strategy , Mahindra Insurance Brokers