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Transformational Experiences & Customer Journey

Friday 31 August | 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Customers’ experiences with modern technologies and the resultant behaviour changes are causing cultural shockwaves that are altering their expectations of brands: their marketing experiences, product/services as well as their value propositions. These shockwaves require companies step back to consider the entire ecosystem in which their customers live. If they need consumers to be emotionally invested in the brand, they need to build transformational & emotionally resonant experiences through content, context and a little bit of magic. How are brands doing this in today’s environment, and driving loyalty in the era of the ‘fickle consumer.’ 

speaking in this session:

Head of Digital, Retail Banking & Wealth Mgmt , HSBC Bank plc


Chief Executive Officer , DAN Performance Group


Head of Media , Loreal


AVP, Marketing , BYJUs


Director - Digital Marketing India , Hyatt