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Brands for Good

Friday 31 August | 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

In a consumer centric and highly connected world, consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to social causes and environmental issues. Gone are the days  where brands would dissociate with controversial issues. Today they are actively taking a stand on these, and using their communication channels to become strong anchors of social positivity. In a world where consumers vote with both their wallets and social media accounts, this panel aims to explore how brands can use this sentiment to associate with the right causes  and bring about social change.

speaking in this session:

Chief Marketing Officer , Info Edge


Sr President & Country Head , Yes Bank


AVP & Head of Digital Marketing , Grasim Industries Ltd


Chief Operating Officer , Himatsingka Seide


Head Digital Marketing , United Breweries Ltd.


Head of Marketing & Member Engagement , Jet Privilege