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Decoding Video

Friday 31 August | 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

2018 will again be the year of the video (according to the Content Marketing Institute). In this session we delve into the emerging trends for video production in 2018 such as interactive video, VR & AR, 360 video, live streaming, non-standard aspect ratios/vertical videos, aerial video etc to help marketers stay ahead of the curve. The discussion will aim to cover:

-           The emerging trends in video

-           Which of these are viable for use

-           How have you as a brand used or planning to use these trends in your video mix.

speaking in this session:

Head – Media & Digital Marketing, India , Marico Ltd


Chief Marketing Officer , Nykaa.com


VP - Content Marketing , Ixigo


Co-Founder & CEO , Logicserve Digital


Head Marketing , MG Motor India