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Keynote: How To Drive Revenue with E-Commerce Video

Tuesday 30 April | 12:15 PM - 12:50 PM | Sheraton Ballroom

If you want your retail brand to stay relevant in a fast-evolving and competitive environment, it seems to be no longer just an option to incorporate video into your e-commerce journey, but a necessity. Yet most retailers are unsure and hesitant to use video in their e-commerce strategy.
In this session, Hamish & Damian will take you through the key considerations when developing a video-led e-commerce strategy, including:
The power of video for e-commerce
The role of e-commerce video throughout the customer journey
Determining your distribution strategy
Understanding video content types
Understanding video production options
How to measure video performance
Case studies of e-commerce brands driving real results by adding video into the mix
Walk away with real-life insights into how you can improve customer confidence, increase sales, and drive more revenue with effective e-commerce video.

speaking in this session:

Video Marketing Specialist, ANZ , Brightcove


Video Marketing Specialist, ANZ , Brightcove