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Leveraging your companies most valuable asset: The voice of your consumer

Tuesday 30 April | 10:45 AM - 11:10 AM | Ballroom 6

The world in which we live in is changing - constantly, rapidly and often out of our span of control. The same can be said for the fragmented shopping journey, specifically the way in which people find, consume and buy products. It’s getting harder for retailers and brands to reach consumers throughout the shopping journey. Retail is a space that can be hard to thrive in.  In such a crowded market space, how do you cut through the noise? How do you make an impact when customers have more choice than ever? The secret is your most prized asset: your consumers.

Join Kate Musgrove, to hear how leading brands and retailers are amplifying the voice of their consumers to drive loyalty with existing customers and as a proven acquisition tactic. Learn from the insights that Bazaarvoice, the global leaders in ratings and reviews, has learnt from over a decade in partnership with over 6,000 brands and consumers, and a large network of shoppers.

speaking in this session:

Managing Director, APAC , Bazaarvoice