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There's something missing in etail: The key to outperforming any online-only business.

Tuesday 30 April | 11:15 AM - 11:40 AM | Ballroom 6

"In-store declines drag down traditional retailers!". " How to deal with the onslaught of eCommerce" and "5 survival tips for Bricks and Mortar retailers".

Headlines like these paint a gloomy picture of retailers with physical stores clinging desperately to their market shares,unable to engage the 21st century customer.

Well, we don't buy it. We believe that retailers with stores as well as an online presence should be out-performing every online-only business. If you can apply your store network to reach its full potential it is possible to deliver better, more convenient experiences to customers whilst protecting margins. And we know someone who has done just that: Shane Lenton (CIO, Cue Clothing Co.) has agreed to join Graham on stage to discuss:

  • how Cue has been able to connect their eCommerce business to their stores to improve customer experiences and store performances
  • how Order Management technology has enabled the execution of this strategy
  • how to bring the business and stakeholders on board
  • how to measure success, adjust and improve continuously

speaking in this session:

CEO , Fluent Commerce


Chief Information Officer , Cue