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How to use Hyper Personalization and A.I. to Unlock Revenue Growth - A Case Study with Zanui

Tuesday 30 April | 11:15 AM - 11:40 AM | Sheraton Ballroom

Personalization is a touchstone of exceptional customer experiences and is now a modern-day necessity to compete and grow. In this session, Dynamic Yield VP of Sales Mark Van den Haak will talk about the hyper-personalization that is revolutionizing retail and unlocking substantial revenue for retailers who get it right. He will be joined by a senior member of the Zanui team, who will share the details of their personalization program.

This discussion will address:
• Hyper-Personalization and how to do it
• How to create a culture of testing & experimentation
• How Zanui used personalization strategies across the product page, cart page, and beyond to delight customers and drive more revenue

speaking in this session:

VP of Sales, APAC , Dynamic Yield


Managing Director , Zanui