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Keynote: Experience Economy

Monday 2 September | 7:25 PM - 8:00 PM | Ballroom

Naomi has been a trailblazer in the Experience Economy since the term was first used. Now as a co-founder of the world’s third largest experience market place, she is well versed in what this truly means for business.

The definition of experience: “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone”

‘Experiences’ is a term used for everything from customer interaction, to employee engagement. ‘Experiences’ is mostly used to denote the human element or emotional connection created. In a time of artificial intelligence, big data and analytics it is important to be reminded about the human side of business.

Every business is impacted by the phenomenon of #AccessOverOwnership and the Experience Economy. Businesses need to  shift from being in the transaction game (have I got the right product at the right place for the right price?) to being in the experience game. Naomi urges audiences to consider how an experience can engage, entertain, build trust and emotional connection for your business?.

Referring to the Experience Economy White Paper. Naomi discusses The experience economy is also the ‘sharing’ economy and what this means for business. We live in a world of ‘social proof’ that if the experience is not recorded and shared then perhaps it did not happen.


  What is the Experience Economy – Considering the impact of access over ownership – and building emotional connection through experiences.

  White Paper - Every participant will get access to download the full 32 page research study.

  The millennial experience - Understanding that millennials are the largest customer and employee cohort in history and its all about experience.

speaking in this session:

Co-Founder , Big Red Group (BRG)