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Keynote: One customer, one experience - Relevance is the currency in this new experience economy.

Tuesday 3 September | 9:40 AM - 10:05 AM | Ballroom

Today's customers don't see channels, teams, or departments—they see experiences.

The rapid explosion of digital channels and platforms has ushered us into an experience economy, where you’re only as good as your last interaction with your customers. And contrary to popular belief: mere personalisation isn’t enough. Deliver too many irrelevant touchpoints (think random promotions, confusing service messages, unappealing offers, and minute-too-late interactions) throughout any journey, and inserting customer names won’t save you: you’ll quickly see your retention, engagement, and purchase rates decline.

Relevance is the new currency, making it imperative for brands to deliver better, not more, customer touches across journeys.

In the session Scott will discuss what it takes to really meet and exceed the expectations of customers in today’s experience economy. Ultimately real-time relevance is more than just an approach to marketing. It’s a blueprint for how brands can rise to every occasion with something customers will appreciate wherever they are in their journey across channels.


speaking in this session:

Regional Director of Asia Pacific , Swrve