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How Tigerair, CUA and Laureate University improved CX and Conversions through A/B testing and Personalisation.

Tuesday 3 September | 11:10 AM - 11:35 AM | Ballroom

This session is about how leading brands are setting themselves ahead of competitors and smashing their targets by delivering the best customer experience via A/B Testing and Personalisation. Learn from real-life case studies and insights which aims to inspire and answer your optimisation questions.

Hosted by Matthew Pezzimenti, the panel includes Michael Fulton (Tigerair) Maricel Custodio (Laureate) and Chris Russell (CUA). This panel will discuss; technology, insights, advice and getting business support.

speaking in this session:

Founder & Conversion Optimisation Specialist , Conversion Kings


Manager, Digital & Product , Tigerair


Head of Marketing - Digital and Acquisition , Laureate International Universities


Senior Manager, Digital Optimisation , CUA