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Why accessing 1.5B Users really matters to brands

Tuesday 3 September | 11:40 AM - 12:05 PM | Ballroom 5

Big Data 

Scale and why this matters to brands

Deep Learning & Computer Vision

How Taboola uses computer vision to recognise complex objects, understand the scenes and predict the world we live in and how to act on it. This will include a live demo of our systems and how we apply this to our publisher tools and advertising tools.

Natural Language Process

How Taboola uses Semantic text, to understand the complex relationships within topic groups this will include a live demo of our systems and how we apply this to the real world.

Deep Neural Networks

How we understand user behaviour. How advertisers can use Taboola technology to improve the effectiveness of advertising.

Insights and results of Big data

speaking in this session:

Australia and New Zealand Country Manager , Taboola