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Panel: The customer doesnt really know what they want

Wednesday 4 September | 9:15 AM - 9:50 AM | Ballroom

We have all heard it…. “The customer is ALWAYS right!” But how is that possible if the customer doesn’t really know what they want? Sometimes we need to guide them into the ‘right decision’ and educate them along the way as to why that purchase is in their best interests. If done well (and ethically), this can create a brand experience and intrinsic loyalty like no other. Marketer beware – if not done with the customers best interests in mind, this could have adverse effects. Individual results may vary! Join L'Oréal, IBM, CitiBank and Bupa group as we discuss this notion with practical implementation tips and some provocative discussion.

speaking in this session:

Head of Digital & Segments - APAC , Citi


Head of Marketing, Digital, Demand Generation , IBM


Chief Marketing Officer, ANZ , Loreal


, Bupa