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Scale without Compromise: Thinking beyond eCommerce

Monday 29 April | 7:15 PM - 7:35 PM | Sheraton Ballroom

On scale, we are seeing brands and retailers asking the same question: How can we drive more sales and leads into not only our company’s stores, but all of our stockists?

Traditional eCommerce strategies are now paving the way for marketplace strategies as retailers across the globe are looking to find new ways to scale, without the restraints of capital and inventory.

Jason Wyatt discusses how retailers are now starting to think and act like marketplaces, implementing strategies such as drop-shipping, ‘endless aisles’ and rolling out membership models. He discusses how the iconic Australian brand, Myer, has transformed its digital offering by implementing a dropship strategy and how Jayco has created a more unified customer experience by uniting 32 dealerships with a marketplace strategy.

speaking in this session:

Co-Founder and Managing Director , Marketplacer