December 3-6, 2006  |  Scottsdale, Arizona
From the iMedia Agency Summit keynote "Marketing on the Edge: New Frameworks for a New Era" by Dr. Don Schultz, professor emeritus, Northwestern University and president, Agora, Inc.

PODCAST: This session from the fall iMedia Summit cites findings from a Yahoo! study on the evolution of word-of-mouth marketing.

From the iMedia Agency Summit keynote "Darwin for a Digital Age: A Look at the Natural Selection of Media" by Eric Bader, senior vice president, director of digital connections, MediaVest.

PODCAST: Learn about emerging business models for advertisers, enablers, publishers and carriers.

PODCAST: Learn from this December 2006 iMedia Summit session how to optimize a campaign to reach its full potential.

PODCAST: Learn from this iMedia Summit podcast how marketers can navigate through the media mix and tap into econometric modeling.

PODCAST: Get the inside scoop on YouTube's overnight sensations, and learn how you too can use YouTube to your benefit from this Fall iMedia Summit session.

PODCAST: Learn from this fall iMedia Summit session how to actively utilize gender and age specific design principles when producing marketing materials.

PODCAST: In this iMedia Summit session, learn about the evolving role of brands in the identity formation of youths.

PODCAST: From the iMedia Agency Summit keynote presentation "Travel on the Edge: Embracing Change at Delta."