February 4-7, 2007  |  Bonita Springs, Florida
Published: February 06, 2007
Reaching Users Across Sites - How duplication impacts conversions, delivery, and efficiency

Learn why duplicate reach is important with Atlas Analyst Jed Fowler.

Given the increase of internet usage, the consolidation of portals, and the rise of ad networks, more users than ever are being reached on multiple sites. This presentation reveals Atlas' hot-off-the-press research which shows that users in this overlapped segment consume a disproportionate amount of impressions yet also account for a large number of conversions. Mr. Fowler will also cite several key case studies analyzing the causes, benefits and dangers of this phenomenon.

Jed Fowler is responsible for advanced analytics research for many of the industry's leading advertisers and agencies. His work includes studies on optimal frequency, creative and media optimization and rich media effectiveness. Fowler also leads research and development for alternative advertising measurement metrics such as post-campaign gross rating point (GRP), and is a driving force behind the IAB and ARF sponsored research on consumer cookie acceptance. He has an MBA from the University of Washington.


Presenter: Jed Fowler, Analyst, Atlas

Format: Zipped PowerPoint